Class 7-68: Golf Company

TBS Class 7-68, Golf Company, (10-Jan-68 to 29-May -68)

General: Class 7-68 appears to have one Company, Golf; The 47th OCS candidates were commissioned 2nd Lieutenants on 1-Jan-68. Companies E & F, of the 47th comprised the majority of  TBS Golf 7-68.   Some members of the 47th OCS were not able to proceed directly to Golf 7-68. Likewise, Golf 7-68 picked up some members who were not part of Companies E & F.

Website: (expired website)
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Facebook:  (not current)
Reunions: 2003 Quantico, 2005 San Diego, 2007 Annapolis, 35th – 2009 San Fran.
Future Reunions:   MAY 10-13, 2018, WASHINGTON, DC
Class POC: Paul S. Wilburger (Mechanicsburg PA),  Home: 717-697-4501; Cell: 845-532-8917

Class 8-68: Hotel Company

TBS Class 8-68, Hotel Company (were there other companies such as India and Juliet in 8-68 ??)
General: Class 8-68 had at least one Company (Hotel) with 238 (incl 20 foreign military officers) graduates; 06 Feb 1968 – 03 Jul 1968; Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 1-Jan-1968. Eleven (11) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 8-68 Hotel Company were Lewis Puller Jr (WIA), Ron McClean (Jimmy Stewarts stepson – KIA), MGEN Randle West, David Skaggs (US Congressman from Colorado).
Websites: – to be phased out ; – new website.
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Facebook: none
Reunions: Jun 2005 Quantico, Jun 2006 Quantico, Jun 2008 Quantico, Jun 2013 Quantico, Oct 2015 San Diego
Future Reunions: Hotel 8-68, 50th Reunion, June 6–June 10, 2018, Quantico, VA. THIS WILL BE OUR 50TH REUNION AND WE WILL BE DEDICATING A PLAQUE FOR THOSE WE LOST IN RVN IN SEMPER FI PARK.
Class POCs:
Terrence Arndt  < > , Home: 314-434-6908 Cell: 314-308-5002
Webmaster: Mike Gerhold  < >

Class 9-68: Kilo Company

TBS Class 9-68 Kilo Company; TBS 11 March – 7 Aug 1968.

General: TBS Class 9-68 was a single Company Class. Kilo Company graduated 244 officers. Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 1-Jan-1968.  Six of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 9-68 Kilo Company were XXX

Were you a helicopter pilot?
Were you a Tanker?  is an organization for Vietnam era Marine Tankers and those in support of tanks. We also welcome ONTOS officers and crewmen.
Prior Reunions: no known prior reunions
Future Reunions:  A 50th year reunion will be held Sept. 19 to 22, 2018 at Holiday Inn Triangle, VA
Class POCs Kilo Company:
Roger Moscater <> (203) 814-7040
Allyn Hinton <>  (636) 441-5623

Class 12-68: November and Oscar Companies

TBS Class 12-68, November Company
TBS: 18 June to 13 November 1968
General: Class 12-68 / November Company had 197 graduates. Most members of the Company have a commissioning date of 5-Jun-68. Other represented commissioning dates are 1-Apr-1968.
Reunions: 4-7 June 2015 Quantico, VA
Future Reunions: 50th Reunion in planning – Nov 2018/Quantico.
Class POCs:
– Head Honcho Maj Gen Jack A. Davis (1st Platoon) ( for dispute resolution (828-817-1013).
– Treasurer James DuBose (1st Platoon) ( for reunion fund information (770-331-2546).
– Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Ed Browder (1st Platoon) ( for staff assistance (540-230-4203).
– Ass’t Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Danny Hovanesian (2nd Platoon) ( for most anything (617-448-8206).
– Chief Marine Locator Extraordinaire Grant Smith ( for help with search techniques for finding lost brothers (254-681-4189).
– Webmaster Tom Browder ( for corrections or suggested improvements to this site (850-830-8078).
– West Coast mini-reunions: Chris Ryan, (310) 713-3738

TBS Class 12-68, Oscar Company
TBS: 18 June 1968 to 13 November
No additional information is available for TBS Class 12-68 / Oscar Company
Mike McCarty – Oscar Company:

Class 1-67: Alpha and Bravo Companies

TBS Class 1-67, Alpha and Bravo Companies
General: TBS Class 1-67 (05 July – 23 November 1967) consisted of two companies: Alpha – 187 officers and Bravo – 185 officers , totaling 372 USMC officers.

ALPHA Company:
Primarily from NROTC, NESEP, and PLC programs, as well as 9 graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. 10 of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 1-67 Alpha Company were BGen Stephen R Berkheiser.

Website: A)
Prior Reunions: 2005 Frederickburg, VA and 2011 San Diego, CA.
Most recent reunion: 50th: 11-15 May 2016, Frederickburg, VA
Future Reunions: TBD!
Class POCs Alpha Company:
#1: Kevin Brooks <>
Phil John <> 214-728-8244,
Joaquin Gracida <> 858-205-5960

BRAVO Company:
Primarily from NROTC, NESEP, and PLC programs, as well as one graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Sixteen (16) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. A prominent officers in Class 1-67 Bravo Company were: BGen Michael C. Wholley, Director of the Judge Advocate Division, September 1993; BGen Coleman Daniel (Dan) Kuhn, Jr., Deputy Commander Marine Forces Pacific, Marine Corps Bases Pacific. 1993.

Website: B) 
Cruise Book:
Prior Reunions: June 1996 Alexandria, VA; 2001, 2006, 2011.
Most Recent Reunion: 50th – Oct 20-23 2016, Fredericksburg, VA.
Most recent activity:  May 24, 2017. Dedication of a Memorial Plaque on a Memorial Wall at the Marine Corps Museum, for B Company 1-67 KIA and died in the line of duty.
Future Reunions: TBD!
Class POC Bravo Company:
Bob Schmitt <>
Bob Lange <>

Class 3-67: Delta, Echo and Foxtrot Companies

TBS Class 3-67, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot Companies
Website: The TBS3-67/D/E/F  – 41st OCC Web site has been taken down.  If you wish to communicate with the Classes, send an email to the below Class POCs:
General: Class 3-67 had three companies, D, E, F. Our TBS dates were 02Nov67 – 29Mar67;  Total graduating class 540. KIA 37; The 41st OCC with 390 officers was the primary feeder for this class.

The 41st OCC started with 801 Candidates. 582 Commissioned.  460 to TBS 3-67. 84 joint TBS from other OCC Classes or programs. 126 to flight school. Direct RVN KIA’s…47, including AOC’s from the 41st OCC.
Reunions: All 3 Companies, 2011 Quantico, 2013 San Fran, 6 Oct 2016 Quantico
Future Reunions: Next reunion planned for San Diego, 2020.
Class POCs
Lionel Raymond –
Jim McGinty –