Class 1-69: Alpha Company

The 1-69 Basic Officers Class (BOC 1-69) held its first reunion in Quantico in mid-May 2004.

Subsequent reunion held mid-Oct 2013 in San Diego/Camp Pendleton

40th reunion:

POC: Camillo Mac Bica

Class 3-69: Charlie Company

Company C, graduated 14JAN1969

Posted August 28, 2013. “The graduating class of The Basic School TBS 3-69 C-69 United States Marine Corps is in the initial stages of planning a reunion in the Quantico area. If you are interested, please contact Jim Bowen.”

1st Reunion June 2014, Quantico

Class 4-69: Delta Company

TBS Class 4-69, Delta Company
General: Class 4-69 Delta Company, xxx graduates, Oct 1968 – Mar 1969
Basic Class 4-69 was made up of about 150 ECPs and another 100 Marines who were commissioned through the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC) Program. 6-KIA.
Reunions: 2008 Quantico, The 45th San Diego in September 2013.  2017
Future Reunions: 50th reunion will be held in Quantico, VA in April 2019.
Class POCs:
Todd Frommelt,
Bill Franklin,  407-325-5182,

Class 6-69: Foxtrot Company

TBS Class 6-69 Foxtrot Company.
Convened 10 Dec 1968. Graduated 7 May 1969
Statistics:  247 Classmates:
Student Source: 191-OCC, 37-ECP, 4-PLC,  5-PLC (Law),  1-USNA,  3-Pensacola, 6-OMCR.
Duty Assignments: 37-Air, 210-Ground.
Reunions: No information available
POC: Jerry Mullinix <>

Basic School 6-69 – Graduation Exercises Program

Class 7-69: Golf Company
This website is dedicated to those Marines who became officers together as part of the 55th OCS and/or went through The Basic School together as TBS Golf Company 7-69.

Company G Mess Night May 6, 1969
Company G Graduation June 3, 1969
Previous Reunions: Quantico/Wash DC 2010, 2012, 2014, New Orleans May 18-22, 2016
Future reunions: TBD
USMC 1969
Michelle A. Griffiths
15329 SW 51st Street
Davies, FL 33331

Class 8-69: Hotel Company

The Basic School Class 8-69 Hotel Company is planning our 50 Year Reunion in the Washington, DC area over the weekend of June 6-9, 2019.  More info at: and
Contact: “Dennis Mroczkowski”<> and “Thomas Molon” <> to get on the recall roster. We will publish more information on

50th reunion updates:

We look forward to reconnecting with you at our 50 year reunion. Please pass this information to any of our classmates with whom you may be in contact, and send their addresses to us.

Posted by: Craig H Hullinger <>
ALSO: Our first ever 50 year reunion for Marines who served with MASS-3 (Marine Air Support Squadron – 3 will be held 17-19 July 2018.  Info at: