Class 2-65: Bravo? and Charlie Companies

TBS Class 2-65, Bravo and Charlie Companies (xx Aug 1964 – xx Feb 1965)
BRAVO Company
Reunions: 1st reunion 1991, xxxx, May 2014 Quantico
Future Reunions: 11-14 Feb 2019 New Orleans
Class POC:

We were Charlie Company Of 2-65.  We have held several reunions and will be ending another in New Orleans in two weeks, 11 – 14 Feb.  We had 233 in our class.   We lost 11 Lts. and two of our instructor/Plt. Cmdrs. in Vietnam.  We erected a monument to these men as well as two pilots lost while on active duty, but not in Vietnam.  We also erected a plaque at the NMMC.  I was able to locate 149 of our group in 2012 & over 40 were deceased at the time.  We have lost seven more since our last reunion at the Marine’s Memorial Club in 2016.
One of our class members, Franklin Cox, is the author of “Lullibies for Lieutenants”, about his experiences as a FO with 12th. Marines and other of our classmates.  Phillip Caputo’s book, “Rumor Of War” also contains the names of some of our classmates.
Harry Dellinger <>

Class 5-65: Golf Company

It is possible this was a multi-company Class. So far, the only known Company is Golf.

TBS 5-65 Golf Company: graduated 25 Nov 1965
Primary feeder: OCS/OCC 27 May 1965
Previous Reunions:
Quantico, VA, 14-17 Aug 2003.
xxx 2005
Quantico, VA, August 13-15 2015.
Jacksonville, NC, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2016.
Charles Swindell, (919) 848- 0410
Carl Kusky <>

Class 5-70: Echo Company

Echo company.  215 members mostly from 61st OCC.  CO was Major R. W. Mitchell.  XO was Captain Russ Sutton who retired as a one star.

We were commissioned on 7 Nov 69 and I started TBS shortly after.  We graduated from TBS on 8 April 70.   Pretty much everyone went to either Lejeune or Pendleton.  By then the draw-down of USMC forces was almost over (first 9th Marines and then the rest of 3rd MarDiv went to Okinawa while we were still in OCS).  A very few from our class went in country after a short stint at Pendleton.  Right after TSB about a dozen of us went to a short (6 week) Vietnamese language course they offered in those days near the WM OCS main side. We had one unusual classmate who was a West Point graduate who was permitted to be commissioned in the Corps because his father was a career Marine officer.  He was killed in a plane crash at Ft. Sill in 1975.

Class 5-62: Hotel and India Companies

TBS Class 5-62, Hotel and India Companies
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General: Class 5-62 had 418 USMC officers. Class also included 7 officers from Haiti in H Company and 6 2Lts from the Vietnamese Marine Corps in I Company. Most of the 418 USMC officers were from OCS (33rd OCC). There were also numerous NROTC and PLC sourced officers, and a large group of lawyers. The Marine Corps back filled the TBS Class 5-62 with June 6 and June 7, 1962 college graduates/commissioned officers. The Class also included several officer-graduates of the then current enlisted commissioning programs and several who served tours as enlisted prior to college. Accordingly, there was a large percentage of career officers in the Class. Of the 418 USMC officers, I have information on 299 living Marines. 100 are deceased, and my searches have not produced any information on 19 others. We still have contact with the Haitian officers; I assume that the Vietnamese Marines are all deceased. Of the 100 known/verified deceased, 7 were KIA in RVN and are on the Wall, and at least 4 others died on active duty. The Class has been materially impacted by Agent Orange related diseases and combat related injuries. Classes of Instruction began May 28, 1962 and the Class graduated November 22, 1962. Prominent officers in Class 5-62 were General Richard D. Hearney, USMC Ret. ACMC Francis J. (“Bing”) West, author and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan Administration and Col Robin Beard, USMCR (Ret), H Company, US Congressional Representative TN 6th Congressional District 1973-1983.

Reunions: 1st reunion 2004 with 7 more following.
The last two reunions, 7th and 8th, was held Sept 29-Oct 02 2016 in Nashville, TN and Oct 2018 in Quantico, VA
Future Reunions:  ??
Class POCs:
Harvey W. Ross: (269) 782-3601,
2016 Reunion coordinator: Denis W. Retoske: (714) 287-0706,,

Class 6-70: Foxtrot Company

Fox Company, 6-70.  TBS dates: 9 December 1969 – 06 May 1970.
Upcoming reunion, Quantico,  Thur 21 Oct – Sun 24 Oct 2021

(REVISION 1 DTD: 21 MAR 20) WAS 30 April – 03 May 2020.  Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks.

(REVISION 2 DTD: 04 JUL 20) WAS 22-25 Oct 2020. Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks

(REVISION 3 DTD: 14 DEC 20) WAS 10-13 Jun 2021. Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks

##### Rescheduled reunion Dates: Thur 21 Oct – Sun 24 Oct 2021.  Stay tuned. #####

The reunion will be held at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel, Fredericksburg, VA. We have contact information for most of the class. The class had 209 members and we have contact information for over 200 members. We are continuing to reach out to class members regarding the reunion.

Primary Contact:
Col (Ret) Mitch Youngs,
Alternate:  CWO-4 (Ret) Vic Young