Class 1-68: Alpha Company

TBS Class 1-68, Alpha Company (TBS 3 July – 22 Nov 1967)
General: Class 1-68 had one Company (Alpha) with 219 graduates. Most officers in this Class have a commissioning date of 7-Jun-1967. Prominent officers in Class 1-67/Alpha Company were: 

General Michael Williams, served as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps until his retirement from active duty in November 2002 with 36 years of service.

Lieutenant General Michael DeLong served as Deputy Commander, United States Central Command, second-in-command to General Tommy Franks during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Lieutenant General DeLong retired in 2003 with over 36 years of service.

Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson served as Commander, Marine Forces Reserve – the largest command in the Marine Corps, with more than 100,000 Marines at 200 sites around the United States – until his retirement in 1998 with over 31 years of service.

Reunions: 1st reunion April 2015, Fredericksburg, VA.
Future Reunions: 2nd Reunion scheduled for 3-5 March 2017, San Diego, CA.
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Bob Koury- #1,
Jim Williams-2017 reunion,
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Class 3-68: Charlie Company.

TBS Class 3-68, Charlie Company (TBS SEP 1967 – JAN 1968)



General: Class 3-68 Charlie Company had 210 graduates; 8 members of our Class were KIA RVN; and, 20 are deceased.
Charlie Company, The Basic School Class of 3-68 mustered SEPTEMBER 1967 and graduated at the end JANUARY 1968 in the middle of the ’68 Tet offensive.   Our graduated officers received their assigned military occupational specialties (MOS) and orders to duty.  Many went for further specialized training beyond that provided in The Basic Infantry Officers curriculum: air, artillery, engineering, air defense, logistics, tanks, motor transport, communications, to name some.  Many of those who were assigned to the infantry MOS went either directly to Vietnam or to recon or language training and then to Vietnam.

Eight (8) members of the class died in Vietnam and many received Purple Hearts.  In the intervening years over 20 of the rest of the class have passed away, having served their country honorably in a difficult time.

In 1990 Second platoon had a reunion in Wash. DC honoring their beloved Staff Platoon Commander, Col Jon Rider.

 Future Class Reunion: TBS 3-68 Company Reunion scheduled for 19-22 September 2019, Quantico, VA.
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Norm Hapke – #1,

Jerry Martin,

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Class 5-68: Echo Company

TBS Class 5-68, Echo Company (Start Date: November, 1967– Graduation Date : May, 1968)
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General information: There were 241 graduates in The Basic School Class 5-68, (Echo Company). Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 01Nov1967.   Eight of our classmates died during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 5-68 are: Lt.Gen Edward Hanlon, Jr., MajGen. Geoff Higginbotham, BrigGen. Edwin Kelley, Jr., BrigGen. David Hague…47 of the graduates were Infantry Officers (0302), 53 were Artillery Officers (0802), 25 graduates became  Naval Aviators (7502), 22 graduates were Supply Officers (3002), 12 graduates were JAG Officers (4402), the remaining 80+ graduates were Engineering Officers (1302), Communications Officers (2502), Motor Transport Officers (3502), Tank Officers (1802) , Air Traffic Control Officers (6702),
Prior Reunions: 40th Reunion in Washington, D.C. May 2008, 45th Reunion in Washington, D.C. May, 2013
Future Reunions: Golden 50th, 12-16 July 2018 in San Diego 
Class POC’s: Quinton Worthams, 323-356-1636,;  Larry Eastland, 310-220-4280,; Louis Hellerman,,
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Class 6-68: Foxtrot Company

TBS Class 6-68, Foxtrot Company (TBS  07-Dec-1967 — 01-May-1968)

General: Class 6-68 had one Company (Foxtrot) with 265 graduates. Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 01-Nov-1967.  113 Classmates have not yet been found. Eleven (11) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War.
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Reunions: 2011 Chicago (our first), 2012 Reno/Lake Tahoe, 2013 DC/Quantico, 2014 San Diego, 2015 New Orleans, 2016 San Francisco.
Future Reunions: October 2017, Quantico/DC (upcoming -our 50th from OCS);
2018 – Cruise?
Published authors: Dan Guenther:  China Wind, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Dodge City Blues; Les Levy: Vietnam Sunrise; (??) Rice-paddy Lieutenants
Class POCs: Bob Lorish <> and Dan Guenther <>


Class 7-68: Golf Company

TBS Class 7-68, Golf Company, (10-Jan-68 to 29-May -68)

General: Class 7-68 appears to have one Company, Golf; The 47th OCS candidates were commissioned 2nd Lieutenants on 1-Jan-68. Companies E & F, of the 47th comprised the majority of  TBS Golf 7-68.   Some members of the 47th OCS were not able to proceed directly to Golf 7-68. Likewise, Golf 7-68 picked up some members who were not part of Companies E & F.

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Reunions: 2003 Quantico, 2005 San Diego, 2007 Annapolis, 35th – 2009 San Fran.
Future Reunions:   MAY 10-13, 2018, WASHINGTON, DC
Class POC: Paul S. Wilburger (Mechanicsburg PA),  Home: 717-697-4501; Cell: 845-532-8917

Class 8-68: Hotel Company

TBS Class 8-68, Hotel Company (were there other companies such as India and Juliet in 8-68 ??)
General: Class 8-68 had at least one Company (Hotel) with 238 (incl 20 foreign military officers) graduates; 06 Feb 1968 – 03 Jul 1968; Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 1-Jan-1968. Eleven (11) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 8-68 Hotel Company were Lewis Puller Jr (WIA), Ron McClean (Jimmy Stewarts stepson – KIA), MGEN Randle West, David Skaggs (US Congressman from Colorado).
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Reunions: Jun 2005 Quantico, Jun 2006 Quantico, Jun 2008 Quantico, Jun 2013 Quantico, Oct 2015 San Diego
Future Reunions: Hotel 8-68, 50th Reunion, June 6–June 10, 2018, Quantico, VA. THIS WILL BE OUR 50TH REUNION AND WE WILL BE DEDICATING A PLAQUE FOR THOSE WE LOST IN RVN IN SEMPER FI PARK.
Class POCs:
Terrence Arndt  < > , Home: 314-434-6908 Cell: 314-308-5002
Webmaster: Mike Gerhold  < >

Class 9-68: Kilo Company

TBS Class 9-68 Kilo Company; TBS 11 March – 7 Aug 1968.

General: TBS Class 9-68 was a single Company Class. Kilo Company graduated 244 officers. Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 1-Jan-1968.  Six of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 9-68 Kilo Company were XXX

Were you a helicopter pilot?
Were you a Tanker?  is an organization for Vietnam era Marine Tankers and those in support of tanks. We also welcome ONTOS officers and crewmen.
Prior Reunions: no known prior reunions
Future Reunions:  A 50th year reunion will be held Sept. 19 to 22, 2018 at Holiday Inn Triangle, VA
Class POCs Kilo Company:
Roger Moscater <> (203) 814-7040
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