TBS Class 8-68, Hotel Company (were there other companies such as India and Juliet in 8-68 ??)
General: Class 8-68 had at least one Company (Hotel) with 238 (incl 20 foreign military officers) graduates; 06 Feb 1968 – 03 Jul 1968; Most Officers in this Company have a Commissioning date of 1-Jan-1968. Eleven (11) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 8-68 Hotel Company were Lewis Puller Jr (WIA), Ron McClean (Jimmy Stewarts stepson – KIA), MGEN Randle West, David Skaggs (US Congressman from Colorado).
Websites: http://usmc.allencc.edu/ – to be phased out ; www.tbs868.com – new website.
Hotel article: http://militaryreunionplanners.com/SR/index.php?folder=Hotel868

Facebook: none
Reunions: Jun 2005 Quantico, Jun 2006 Quantico, Jun 2008 Quantico, Jun 2013 Quantico, Oct 2015 San Diego
Future Reunions: Hotel 8-68, 50th Reunion, June 6–June 10, 2018, Quantico, VA. THIS WILL BE OUR 50TH REUNION AND WE WILL BE DEDICATING A PLAQUE FOR THOSE WE LOST IN RVN IN SEMPER FI PARK.
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