TBS Class 3-67, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot Companies
Website: The TBS3-67/D/E/F  – 41st OCC Web site has been taken down.  If you wish to communicate with the Classes, send an email to the below Class POCs:
General: Class 3-67 had three companies, D, E, F. Our TBS dates were 02Nov67 – 29Mar67;  Total graduating class 540. KIA 37; The 41st OCC with 390 officers was the primary feeder for this class.

The 41st OCC started with 801 Candidates. 582 Commissioned.  460 to TBS 3-67. 84 joint TBS from other OCC Classes or programs. 126 to flight school. Direct RVN KIA’s…47, including AOC’s from the 41st OCC.
Reunions: All 3 Companies, 2011 Quantico, 2013 San Fran, 6 Oct 2016 Quantico
Future Reunions: Next reunion planned for San Diego, 2020.
Class POCs
Lionel Raymond – lraym613@gmail.com
Jim McGinty – JMcGinty@cig.com