Class 1-67: Alpha and Bravo Companies

TBS Class 1-67, Alpha and Bravo Companies
General: TBS Class 1-67 (05 July – 23 November 1967) consisted of two companies: Alpha – 187 officers and Bravo – 185 officers , totaling 372 USMC officers.

ALPHA Company:
Primarily from NROTC, NESEP, and PLC programs, as well as 9 graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. 10 of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. Prominent officers in Class 1-67 Alpha Company were BGen Stephen R Berkheiser.

Website: A)
Prior Reunions: 2005 Frederickburg, VA and 2011 San Diego, CA.
Most recent reunion: 50th: 11-15 May 2016, Frederickburg, VA
Future Reunions: TBD!
Class POCs Alpha Company:
#1: Kevin Brooks <>
Phil John <> 214-728-8244,
Joaquin Gracida <> 858-205-5960

BRAVO Company:
Primarily from NROTC, NESEP, and PLC programs, as well as one graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Sixteen (16) of our classmates gave their lives for our nation during the Vietnam War. A prominent officers in Class 1-67 Bravo Company were: BGen Michael C. Wholley, Director of the Judge Advocate Division, September 1993; BGen Coleman Daniel (Dan) Kuhn, Jr., Deputy Commander Marine Forces Pacific, Marine Corps Bases Pacific. 1993.

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Cruise Book:
Prior Reunions: June 1996 Alexandria, VA; 2001, 2006, 2011.
Most Recent Reunion: 50th – Oct 20-23 2016, Fredericksburg, VA.
Most recent activity:  May 24, 2017. Dedication of a Memorial Plaque on a Memorial Wall at the Marine Corps Museum, for B Company 1-67 KIA and died in the line of duty.
Future Reunions: TBD!
Class POC Bravo Company:
Bob Schmitt <>
Bob Lange <>

Class 3-67: Delta, Echo and Foxtrot Companies

TBS Class 3-67, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot Companies
Website: The TBS3-67/D/E/F  – 41st OCC Web site has been taken down.  If you wish to communicate with the Classes, send an email to the below Class POCs:
General: Class 3-67 had three companies, D, E, F. Our TBS dates were 02Nov67 – 29Mar67;  Total graduating class 540. KIA 37; The 41st OCC with 390 officers was the primary feeder for this class.

The 41st OCC started with 801 Candidates. 582 Commissioned.  460 to TBS 3-67. 84 joint TBS from other OCC Classes or programs. 126 to flight school. Direct RVN KIA’s…47, including AOC’s from the 41st OCC.
Reunions: All 3 Companies, 2011 Quantico, 2013 San Fran, 6 Oct 2016 Quantico
Future Reunions: Next reunion planned for San Diego, 2020.
Class POCs
Lionel Raymond –
Jim McGinty –

Class 4-67: Golf, Hotel, and India Companies

TBS Class 4-67, Golf, Hotel, and India Companies
General: Class 4-67 had three Companies (H, I, and J) with about 550 graduates (500 US and 50 Allied Officers). The 42nd OCC was a primary feeder into this class. 39 KIA. Graduated TBS May 1967. We honored our 44 KIAs in October 2012 by erecting two memorials in Quantico, one at TBS and another at NMMC.
Reunions: 2007 Quantico, 2010 Lexington, VA, 2012 Quantico, 2015 San Francisco
Future Reunions: BC 4-67’s next reunion is Sept. 21 to 24, 2017 in Arlington VA. We are staying at the Hilton Doubletree  in Crystal City. We will celebrate 50 years as Marine Officers with a day in Quantico, a day in DC and visit to Arlington Cemetery followed by a dinner dance at Ft. Belvoir Officers club. Ed Smith and Les Kroeger are co-chairs for the event.
Ed Smith, Golf/4,
Michael West, 858-490-8200,
Ken Pouch, 860-881-6819,
Les Kroeger,

Class 5-67: Kilo, Lima, and Mike Companies

TBS Class 5-67, Kilo, Lima, and Mike Companies
Newspaper Article of 29 Apr 2017: 

General: Class 5-67 had three Companies (K, L, M) with a combined graduating class of 516. xx Apr 1967 – xx Aug 1967
Reunions: May 2008 Quantico; 2012; 2014 San Diego
Planned Reunions: 3-7 May 2017 Quantico / Washington DC
Class POCs:
Mike Sommers,
Jack Cooney,

Class 6-67: November and Oscar Companies (PAPA started then abandoned and transferred to 1-68 Alpha)

TBS Class 6-67, November and Oscar Companies
Website: (This site has expired as of March 30, 2014.)
Amazon: Book by Jack Wells – Class of 67: The Story of the 6th Marine Officer’s Basic Class of 1967.
General: Class 6-67 had two Companies (N and O)  07 June 1967 – 01 Nov 1967. There were 498 officers between the two Companies. There were 43 Vietnam KIA, 1 Lebanon KIA, and 6 killed in training.
Reunions: Class 6-67 had a reunion in 1989, 1997, 2007 and 50th year anniversary reunion June 1-3 2017. Fredericksburg, VA
Future Reunions:  TBD!
Class POCs:
– Jack Wells,
– Dave Turner,