Class 4-73 Delta Company

Class 4-73: Delta Company

TBS Dates: 11/29/72 – 6/7/73

General: 187 officers, mostly from OCS; CO- Capt. Douglas C. MacCaskill, XO – Capt. David L. Latham

Website: none

Past Reunions: none

Future Reunions: 50th will be our first reunion possibly sometime in 2023 to commemorate our 50th.

Primary Contacts:

Bob Donahue:

Bill Anderson:

Mike Jones:

Vietnam Era Division and Unit Websites

5th Marines:
1st Bn, 1st Marines:
1st Bn, 4th Marines:
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7th Engineer BN:
Were you a helicopter pilot?

Were you a tanker? Organization for Vietnam era Marine Tankers and those in support of tanks. We also welcome ONTOS officers and crewmen.

MACG-18, MASS-3 Our first ever 50 year reunion for Marines who served with MASS-3 (Marine Air Support Squadron – 3 will be held 17-19 July 2018.  Info at:

Command Chronologies:
The Battle of Dai Do aka the Battle of Dong Ha:
R 221855Z FEB 17
ALMAR 006/17
1.  This ALMAR announces publication of a web page that will assist Marines and veteran Marines in organizing unit reunions.
2.  Sergeant Major Green and I understand that we are stronger together.  In our 2016 Marine Corps Birthday message, we spoke of our warrior culture.  We learn, share, mourn, celebrate, and protect each other by coming together and telling stories.  Reunions, and the connections strengthened by them, offer an environment in which we are reminded of who we are.
3.  I ask all Marines to get connected.  Find your fellow Marines.  Reach out, catch up, and when needed, help others.  One way to enhance our bonds is through hosting or participating in reunions.  While hosting a reunion may be a complicated undertaking, I know Marines are up to that task.
4.  In this spirit and to show just some of the considerations required to conduct a reunion, as well as to highlight past reunions and announce those to come, the Marine Corps has launched a “Year of the Reunion” web page that can be accessed through  Although the page is not all inclusive, it does provide a playbook “template” that can help organize logistics and planning considerations.  Collaborating with others who have conducted reunions may help avoid planning and execution pitfalls, as well as guide you through the process of organizing a successful event.
5.  Following any reunion, we ask that you share your experiences and insights.  Use the reunion web page to post photos, testimonials, and your after-action reports.  As SgtMaj Green said in our Birthday message, this is about individuals coming together to be a part of something greater than one’s self.
6.  Enjoy your reunions and Semper Fidelis.
Robert B. Neller, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//

Class 1-70: Alpha Company

TBS 1-70 Alpha Company

Information as of 11 Oct 2018:
Reunions: 50th year reunion 17-20 October 2019 – Embassy Suites in San Diego.
Contact: Dan Naremore <>
No other TBS Class information available.

Class 3-70: Charlie Company

TBS 3-70 Charlie Company:
General information: There were 240 graduates in The Basic School Class 3-70, (Charlie Company). Most Officers in this Company were commissioned during August 1969.   Two of our classmates were killed in action in the Vietnam War, and 4 were killed in air accidents while still in the service.  Prominent officers in Class 3-70 are:  Lt.Gen Henry (“Peter”) Osmon., Lt Gen. Michael  A. Hough, and Assistant Secretary of State , Paul  Vincent Kelly.  As of 2020, all 240 classmates have been accounted for, with 200 still alive and 40 deceased.  Besides the 2 retired Lt generals, the class had 17 colonels, 19 Lt colonels, 6 majors, 4 captains, 1 first lieutenant, and 1 Naval Commander  (Chaplin) who also retired from military service.
A mini reunion was held April 2017 in Quantico, VA, and a 50-year reunion was held in San Diego  February 09-14, 2020.
Reunion planning in progress – A future reunion (place not selected yet) is planed for 2022.
Paul Perra,, (978) 381-4746
Kevin McCann <>
Dave Moynihan <>

Class 1-69: Alpha Company

The 1-69 Basic Officers Class (BOC 1-69) held its first reunion in Quantico in mid-May 2004.

Subsequent reunion held mid-Oct 2013 in San Diego/Camp Pendleton

40th reunion:

POC: Camillo Mac Bica

Class 3-69: Charlie Company

Company C, graduated 14JAN1969

Posted August 28, 2013. “The graduating class of The Basic School TBS 3-69 C-69 United States Marine Corps is in the initial stages of planning a reunion in the Quantico area. If you are interested, please contact Jim Bowen.”

1st Reunion June 2014, Quantico

Class 4-69: Delta Company

TBS Class 4-69, Delta Company
General: Class 4-69 Delta Company, xxx graduates, Oct 1968 – Mar 1969
Basic Class 4-69 was made up of about 150 ECPs and another 100 Marines who were commissioned through the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC) Program. 6-KIA.
Reunions: 2008 Quantico, The 45th San Diego in September 2013.  2017
Future Reunions: 50th reunion will be held in Quantico, VA in April 2019.
Class POCs:
Todd Frommelt,
Bill Franklin,  407-325-5182,