Class 1-70: Alpha Company

TBS 1-70 Alpha Company

Information as of 11 Oct 2018:
Reunions: 50th year reunion 17-20 October 2019 – Embassy Suites in San Diego.
Contact: Dan Naremore <>
No other TBS Class information available.

Class 3-70: Charlie Company

TBS 3-70 Charlie Company:
General information: There were 240 graduates in The Basic School Class 3-70, (Charlie Company). Most Officers in this Company were commissioned during August 1969.   Two of our classmates were killed in action in the Vietnam War, and 4 were killed in air accidents while still in the service.  Prominent officers in Class 3-70 are:  Lt.Gen Henry (“Peter”) Osmon., Lt Gen. Michael  A. Hough, and Assistant Secretary of State , Paul  Vincent Kelly.  As of 2020, all 240 classmates have been accounted for, with 200 still alive and 40 deceased.  Besides the 2 retired Lt generals, the class had 17 colonels, 19 Lt colonels, 6 majors, 4 captains, 1 first lieutenant, and 1 Naval Commander  (Chaplin) who also retired from military service.
A mini reunion was held April 2017 in Quantico, VA, and a 50-year reunion was held in San Diego  February 09-14, 2020.
Reunion planning in progress – A future reunion (place not selected yet) is planed for 2022.
Paul Perra,, (978) 381-4746
Kevin McCann <>
Dave Moynihan <>

Class 5-70: Echo Company

Echo company.  215 members mostly from 61st OCC.  CO was Major R. W. Mitchell.  XO was Captain Russ Sutton who retired as a one star.

We were commissioned on 7 Nov 69 and I started TBS shortly after.  We graduated from TBS on 8 April 70.   Pretty much everyone went to either Lejeune or Pendleton.  By then the draw-down of USMC forces was almost over (first 9th Marines and then the rest of 3rd MarDiv went to Okinawa while we were still in OCS).  A very few from our class went in country after a short stint at Pendleton.  Right after TSB about a dozen of us went to a short (6 week) Vietnamese language course they offered in those days near the WM OCS main side. We had one unusual classmate who was a West Point graduate who was permitted to be commissioned in the Corps because his father was a career Marine officer.  He was killed in a plane crash at Ft. Sill in 1975.

Class 6-70: Foxtrot Company

Fox Company, 6-70.  TBS dates: 9 December 1969 – 06 May 1970.
Upcoming reunion, Quantico,  Thur 21 Oct – Sun 24 Oct 2021

(REVISION 1 DTD: 21 MAR 20) WAS 30 April – 03 May 2020.  Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks.

(REVISION 2 DTD: 04 JUL 20) WAS 22-25 Oct 2020. Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks

(REVISION 3 DTD: 14 DEC 20) WAS 10-13 Jun 2021. Rescheduled due to Covid-19 risks

##### Rescheduled reunion Dates: Thur 21 Oct – Sun 24 Oct 2021.  Stay tuned. #####

The reunion will be held at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel, Fredericksburg, VA. We have contact information for most of the class. The class had 209 members and we have contact information for over 200 members. We are continuing to reach out to class members regarding the reunion.

Primary Contact:
Col (Ret) Mitch Youngs,
Alternate:  CWO-4 (Ret) Vic Young