TBS Class 3-68, Charlie Company (TBS SEP 1967 – JAN 1968)

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General: Class 3-68 Charlie Company had 210 graduates; 8 members of our Class were KIA RVN; and, 20 are deceased.
Charlie Company, The Basic School Class of 3-68 mustered SEPTEMBER 1967 and graduated at the end JANUARY 1968 in the middle of the ’68 Tet offensive.   Our graduated officers received their assigned military occupational specialties (MOS) and orders to duty.  Many went for further specialized training beyond that provided in The Basic Infantry Officers curriculum: air, artillery, engineering, air defense, logistics, tanks, motor transport, communications, to name some.  Many of those who were assigned to the infantry MOS went either directly to Vietnam or to recon or language training and then to Vietnam.

Eight (8) members of the class died in Vietnam and many received Purple Hearts.  In the intervening years over 20 of the rest of the class have passed away, having served their country honorably in a difficult time.

In 1990 Second platoon had a reunion in Wash. DC honoring their beloved Staff Platoon Commander, Col Jon Rider.

 Future Class Reunion: TBS 3-68 Company Reunion scheduled for 19-22 September 2019, Quantico, VA.
Class POCs:
Norm Hapke – #1, nhapke@cox.net

Jerry Martin, jerrymartin68@aol.com

Jerry Saggers, jsaggers@gmail.com

Tim Szabo, timszabo2c@gmail.com