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Class 1-70: Alpha Company

TBS 1-70 Alpha Company

Information as of 11 Oct 2018:
Reunions: 50th year reunion 17-20 October 2019 – Embassy Suites in San Diego.
Contact: Dan Naremore <tantz@bellsouth.net>
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheBasicSchool/photos/?tab=album&album_id=524969334319523
No other TBS Class information available.

Class 10-68: Lima Company

Class 10-69: Kilo Company

TBS Class 10-69, Kilo Company
Website: http://www.kilocompany10-69.com/
General: Class 10-69 had one Company (Kilo) with 241 graduates. Graduated Sep 1969.
Reunions: 1986, Jun 2012 NYC
Future Reunions:
Class POCs:
From website – Phil Como at philipcomo@yahoo.com is a possible contact.

Class 11-68: Mike Company

22 June 2018: Basic class 11-68 should be coming up on 50 years this November.  Anyone interested in setting up a reunion can contact me at: Thom Meaker <twmeaker@aol.com>

Class 12-68: November and Oscar Companies

TBS Class 12-68, November Company
TBS: 18 June to 13 November 1968
Website: https://novco1968tbs.com
General: Class 12-68 / November Company had 197 graduates. Most members of the Company have a commissioning date of 5-Jun-68. Other represented commissioning dates are 1-Apr-1968.
Reunions: 4-7 June 2015 Quantico, VA
Future Reunions: 50th Reunion in planning – Nov 2018/Quantico.
Class POCs:
– Head Honcho Maj Gen Jack A. Davis (1st Platoon) (jadavisusmc@gmail.com): for dispute resolution (828-817-1013).
– Treasurer James DuBose (1st Platoon) (jamesdubose@gmail.com): for reunion fund information (770-331-2546).
– Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Ed Browder (1st Platoon) (ed.browder@yahoo.com): for staff assistance (540-230-4203).
– Ass’t Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Danny Hovanesian (2nd Platoon) (danh.atty@comcast.net): for most anything (617-448-8206).
– Chief Marine Locator Extraordinaire Grant Smith (gws76571@gmail.com): for help with search techniques for finding lost brothers (254-681-4189).
– Webmaster Tom Browder (tom.browder@gmail.com): for corrections or suggested improvements to this site (850-830-8078).
– West Coast mini-reunions: Chris Ryan, (310) 713-3738

TBS Class 12-68, Oscar Company
TBS: 18 June 1968 to 13 November
No additional information is available for TBS Class 12-68 / Oscar Company
Mike McCarty – Oscar Company: http://aoundthescuttlebutt.blogspot.com/

Class 2-65: Bravo? and Charlie Companies

TBS Class 2-65, Bravo and Charlie Companies (xx Aug 1964 – xx Feb 1965)
BRAVO Company
Website: http://tbs2-65reunion.com/
Other: http://farmtown3.rssing.com/browser.php?indx=1793814&item=10752
Reunions: 1st reunion 1991, xxxx, May 2014 Quantico
Future Reunions: 11-14 Feb 2019 New Orleans
Class POC: jimgordon9@gmail.com

We were Charlie Company Of 2-65.  We have held several reunions and will be ending another in New Orleans in two weeks, 11 – 14 Feb.  We had 233 in our class.   We lost 11 Lts. and two of our instructor/Plt. Cmdrs. in Vietnam.  We erected a monument to these men as well as two pilots lost while on active duty, but not in Vietnam.  We also erected a plaque at the NMMC.  I was able to locate 149 of our group in 2012 & over 40 were deceased at the time.  We have lost seven more since our last reunion at the Marine’s Memorial Club in 2016.
One of our class members, Franklin Cox, is the author of “Lullibies for Lieutenants”, about his experiences as a FO with 12th. Marines and other of our classmates.  Phillip Caputo’s book, “Rumor Of War” also contains the names of some of our classmates.
Harry Dellinger <handbdellinger@msn.com>

Class 2-66: Charlie Company. No information is available for this class.

Class 2-67: Charlie Company – Looking for classmates for possible reunion.

TBS Class 2-67 Charlie Company.
15 May 17: “Any interested parties to a sml-med-lge reunion, please let me know  631-235-9300
Joseph Moosbrugger <moos980@gmail.com>
Statistics: Graduated 20 January 1967; 210 Classmates:  63-PLC,  60-USNA,  40-NROTC, 199 college graduates; 110 went direct FMF WESTPAC.

Class 2-68: Bravo Company.

TBS 2-68 Bravo Company.
From: MICHAEL CATHEY <colmcathey@gmail.com> TBS Class 2-68 Bravo graduated in January 1969 and is organizing a reunion at a date to be announced later. Contact Michael Cathey at colmcathey@gmail.com

Class 2-69: No information is available for this class.

Bravo Company

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