55th Year Reunion
May 10-15, 2022

Reunion Hotel:  Clarion Hotel (formerly Fredericksburg Hospitality House)
Reunion Dates:

Special Hotel rates are effective May 10 – May 15, 2022.
Reunion check-in and welcome is Tue 10 May
Reunion activities start Wed 11 May
Reunion Ends Sunday 15 May with a farewell breakfast and checkout.

TBS 1-68 Reunion
May 10-15, 2022
Warning Order

Hard to believe with all the world’s challenges, but our May 10-15, 2022 reunion is shaping up quite nicely.
All credit goes to our “worker bees” who are pulling together the complex details necessary to make this work. Dozens have been involved in many ways, but the current leadership list of people to thank (big Covid free hugs) are:

Joel Brummel (+ Bob Winn): Hospitality suite, ABC licenses and (hopefully) beer .
Dave Raper: Our Basic School tour / brief and lunch with the Lts
Ken Bruner: Our USMC University tour and briefs
Bill Tehan: Heritage Museum visit, military protocol for our event
Mike Williams: Keynote speaker from HQMC to brief us on the overall picture
Jim Williams: Registration desk, Covid management, assistant commandant
Bob Waller: Transport (thankless, but obviously critical)
Ray Norton: Our intrepid Treasurer collecting fees and paying bills
Courtney Tucker: Organizing our most excellent Civil War guided tour
Doug O’Connor: Master of Ceremonies duties
Ken Bruner-2: Padre for the event and group
Dave Peters: Our web site, email rosters and SO VERY much more
Ron Burton, Jim Sanborn: And others who made the tough phone calls

We are being Covid aware, following the guidelines used by the Corps for base visits and more. Like the airlines, we will be requiring a Covid Rapid Test at registration. Jim Williams (bless his efforts) has been able to obtain sufficient test kits gratis from FBurg- amazing accomplishment! The vast majority of us, who medically can, have been fully vaccinated. Staying in our group “bubble” will be much safer than going to your local grocery or pub. We monitor Covid changes daily and will respond as necessary to keep everyone safe- we have your back!

Registrations are now approaching 50+ attendees. In my heart, I know that many of you are waiting to see the “lay of the land” before committing. To you, I remind that any financial commitments made with us and the hotel will be refunded if we have to cancel. Air fares are going up- commit now. More important, as we order meals, you may not get your brownie or chocolate chip cookie if you wait until the last minute to commit.

Not sure we will have any more of these formal gatherings. Please don’t plan on “coming next year”.

MOST IMPORTANT: this is going to be a lot of fun. What possibly beats hanging out with your best friends and sharing life’s experiences. What else will you be doing during this week in May that could be even close??

Semper Fi,

TBS 1-68 Reunion Schedule
May 10 (Tue) to May 15 (Sun), 2022

As Of 03/18/22

(printable schedule)

May 10 (Tue)
Registration desk open Hospitality Suite Open

May 11 (Wed)
Registration desk open Hospitality Suite Open

May 12 (Thur)
0730 Hotel Breakfast
0830 Bus Departs
0900-1315 USMC Heritage Museum (lunch on your own at Museum) 1315- 1600 Civil War Guided Tour
1700 Happy Hour Hospitality Suite 1800 Light Meal Hospitality Suite

May 13 (Fri)
0730 Hotel Breakfast
0830 Bus Departs
0900 TBS Brief
1200 Lunch With Lieutenants
1330- 1600 Senior School & Development Center Briefs* (+Gen Charles Chiarotti- MC Assn) 1700 Happy Hour Hospitality Suite
1800 HQMC Keynote Speaker: Our Changing Corps 1800 +/- Light Meal Hospitality Suite

May 14 (Sat)
0730 Hotel Breakfast
?? Tour Downtown Historic Fredericksburg
?? Pub Crawl
?? Bowling Lunch
1700 Happy Hour Hospitality Suite
1745 Empty Table Ceremony- Reading Names Of Our Fallen 1800 BBQ Meal Hospitality Suite (TBS Lts in attendance) 1900 Open Mike- Shared Life Experiences

May 15 (Sun)0730 Hotel Breakfast 0800 Prayers & Good Byes

* from-a-wargame/